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2016 Sur La Mer Cider

$18.00 per Bottle

We have been restoring our organicially farmed sixty year old apple orchard for the last 14 years.  When we purchased this ranch, this old orchard had fallen on hard times.  It hadn't been pruned in 15 years and the grass was four feet tall.  You can only imagine the work that has gone into bringing this old orchard back.  This cider is a celebration of this effort and a means to keep it viable for the future. An preservation project, a way to preserve a farming heritage  A blend of three varieties:  Gravensteins, Philo Golds and Rhode Island Greenings for some acidity.  We've gone old school in our approach with a native yeast primary fermentation and dosaged with a champagne yeast  (no forced carbonation here) before bottling as a traditional sparkling wine is made.  We find the bubbles are finer this way.  Notes of green apple, citrus, bread yeast and salinity and seaweed due to our coastal proximity are evident here.  A perfect summer glass of bubbles to accompany so many foods.  We love creamy and salty cheeses or roast chicken with this lovely handcrafted Brut Cider. 

Vintage 2016
Wine Style Sparkling Wine
Size 750 ml
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